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New builds and extension services in Reading

If you’re looking for construction specialists who can carry out high quality home extensions, then get in touch today.

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With our guidance and support, we’ll help you achieve a new build that will amaze you and exceed your expectations. A huge benefit of starting a new build is that after its completion, it's like to not need repairs or refurbishments for many years to come. In addition to this, new builds often have a higher market price because of the new and modern features that the property comes with. So if in a few years time you decide to sell your new property, the money that you will receive for it may be much higher that of an older home of comparable size. Lastly, the main benefit of pursuing a new build is the high levels of control that you have over the project. When you purchase a property that’s already been built, it often means that you are stuck with choices that the previous owner had wanted. Furthermore, if you are looking to reverse these pre-existing changes then this will lead to additional costs. With a new build, you have the opportunity to select the features that you want for your property.

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To enquire about how we can start your home extension, call us today on 07912 608683.

Kris was a recommendation by a friend, we looked at a previous job he had just completed and the works looked very good. Kris priced the works in detail so we understood what we were paying for, we have had the house completely remodelled with extension and had underfloor heating installed, rewired, lots of new steels etc. and plastered. Kris and his team have been fantastic, very professional, very helpful and when we had any issues with the design and structural engineering Kris was great at coming up with solutions. Kris came in on budget and on time, I would highly recommend Kris (which I have already many times).

Mr P

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